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Glasgow, the capital of Scotland, is one of the three largest cities in the UK, and as such, enjoys a number of cultural accolades that make it a wonderful city for tourism. Less hectic than London, Glasgow travel offers a more relaxing, yet still culturally full itinerary for those looking for a more unique destination city. Among Glasgow’s most recent awards, it was crowned a UNESCO Creative City for its plethora of music, from traditional Celtic music performances to rock and pop concerts. It has also been honored as a European City of Culture and City of Architecture for its many museums, unique buildings and wonderfully artistic population.

Traveling to Glasgow, there very few considerations outside of the weather, which like most of Northern Britain and Scotland, can be fickle and rainy. Glasgow travel is best done during the summer, when the sun pops out most often and temperatures are warmer. Furthermore, because of its extremely northern lateral location, Glasgow enjoys very long summer days; while during the winter, daylight hours are quite limited.

Perhaps the best way to get a feel for Glasgow is to take a stroll through the city, for it is extremely compact and walkable. The city has been home to a number of famous building designers over the years, including the much respected architect Charles Rennie Mackintosh, who designed the Glasgow School of Art, now considered Britain’s most beloved building.

There is also plenty to do during the evenings, as Glasgow’s nightlife and dining scenes are chock full of great pubs and restaurants. You’ll of course want to sample some Scotch whisky in one of the city’s traditional pubs, and if your nightlife cravings yearn for a more stylish scene, there are plenty of upmarket bars and cocktail lounges, especially in and around Glasgow’s many universities.

Scotland is also the home of golf, so golfers will definitely want to partake in a round at one of the lovely (and sometimes challenging) golf courses located not far from the city center. Golf in Glasgow might be a surprise to golfers used to the wide, comfortable fairways of North American-style golf, as golf in Scotland can be intense and rugged.

When packing for your Glasgow travels, be sure to bring layers to accommodate the ever-changing weather and swinging temperatures. Sturdy shoes are a must for walking around the city’s old cobblestone streets. While Glasgow is not necessarily a formal city, Glaswegians do enjoy getting dressed up for a night on the town, so smart attire is appropriate if you plan to enjoy some of Glasgow’s finer restaurants and bars.


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